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Hossa Family

We designed a smiling identity and launch campaign for Marian Hossa's logistics and production company.
logo & visual identity • slogan • campaign


We set Pinkbox self-service warehouses apart from the competition with a fresh new brand
brand strategy - name - logo and visual identity - photographic work - website


We helped the brokerage company private jets to launch with a new brand.
name creation • logo & visual identity • website

Marián Hossa book cover

We designed a distinctive book cover for Marian that reflects the kind of person he is.
book cover design - photographic work


With Blanc we started from a clean canvas. It started with the name and logo. After years, the web also came into play.
name creation • logo & visual identity • website


The coated assortment received new packaging.
logo • packaging design • product photography


Trenčín Yoga Studio, whose brand we built from the name to the web.
name creation • logo & visual identity • photographic work • web

Winter - ice cream
from under the Tatras

For the covers of Slovak ice cream, we have come up with 5 hilarious stories.
name creation • tagline • logo & visual identity • packaging design
more studies

We had new brand name. Loved it so much. It reminded us of that neversleeping city, the bedrock of advertising, the capital of design. We were so keen on it, we could not imagine wearing other word on our chests.

And then the internet crawling machine gives you this: it's a dog! Ou come on! It ain't! Yorkie is a small advertising agency. Tiny like the dog, definitely not furry, like the dog.

Anyway. We are industry professionals that are trying their best to fulfill your wishes: designs, ad campaigns, brand strategies - you name it. We fetch you the best ideas, sometimes we roll over, hopefully not too many times, and start again. Slightly like the dog, but still not the dog.

So what about this cold hard bitch slap with the whole dog thing? Give up on Yorkie?

Nope. Because there's one thing that defines our attitude the most: unleashing ideas. And so we went for the idea that we liked the most at the first instance.

We are Yorkie, not the dog.

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