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Blanc Dental Studio

Dentistry, medicine, health, beauty

Erik Tomašák – photography

Logo and visual identity, website
Blanco and I have been from the very beginning. Michal always gave us a free hand. He saved his for a first-class bison.

In search of the right naming, we managed to avoid a name with the ending "dent". We found inspiration in the English "blank" – "pure, unwritten". The "C" instead of the "K" name added something sexy.

We built visual identity on the same foundations: purity and simplicity.

When Michal approached us with the creation of the website after 8 years, we were satisfied that the logo still does not need refresh, it is timeless. We were also pleased with the website itself, for which we designed an information strategy, wrote and edited texts, were at the photo shoot and finally combined everything into a simple, functional and eye-pleasing design.
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