Thoughtful identities

We design simple, often minimalist identities. This is no coincidence. Simple designs are easy to remember. That is what we are all about. So that customers remember you when they need you.

Simple, does not mean superficial or fast. Contrary. We can only propose a simple solution if we understand the issue and context to the smallest detail.

We are looking for uniqueness. We are satisfied if you stand out from the crowd. If you are unmistakable and recognizable.

We love beauty, but we prefer functionality. Our goals are greater than having a nice identity in the portfolio. We want you to thrive.

How do we define brand identity?


The logo is the face of your brand. The basis of her visual identity. It will help your customers or partners find you in the crowd. The years are immutable, and if over time a wrinkle appears on it, we will give it a gentle face-lift.

We anchor the logo to the logo manual, which defines:

  • full-color variant of the logo,
  • a monochrome variant of the logo,
  • a variant of the logo on a dark background,
  • the colorfulness of the logo.

Visual identity

Visual identity is more than a logo. They are also your colors, font, graphic elements, or their typical composition. How your business card, letterhead, binder, car sticker or shop window is designed – all this determines the visual identity of your brand.

If the logo is the face of the brand, the visual identity is its style of dress. Always a black jacket with yellow buttons and a casual cut – who else could it be? We can't see the face, but we still know it's you.

We document the visual identity in the design manual. In it we describe:

  • everything in the logo manual,
  • the proportions of the logo,
  • the minimum logo size for printed matter,
  • typographical hierarchy,
  • color scheme,
  • prohibited use of the logo,
  • design of required applications, e.g.: business card, letterhead, binder, delivery note, forms, car stickers, product leaflet template, ...
  • demonstration of the application of the logo on promotional items and corporate clothing.

Brand identity

Your brand is not has. Communicates. It expresses itself. What values he talks about, what tone and words he uses can be found in the brand identity. In addition to visual elements, brand identity also describes non-visual ones – value, textual, emotional.

The home for brand idetitu is the brand manual. Its content is individual, in addition to the content of the design manual in it we often find:

  • brand manifesto – a statement of the origin, values and meaning of the brand
  • brand keywords
  • tone of communication
  • and others.

How does the design work?

Creating a high-quality logo and visual identity is not only about the result, but also about the path to it. Our journey is like this.

1. We tease ourselves

We will talk about your business. About where he is and where he should be in a few years. We will find out if we are on the same wavelength. We will agree on whether to design a logo, visual or brand identity for you.  

2. We determine the budget

We will design the budget that is optimal for your project. You pay 50% of the price and we start the engines.

3. We get to know the context

We create tailor-made identities. The more we know about your project, the better concept we will design.

4. We present concepts

After 4 weeks of work, we present 2 concepts. Together, we'll choose which direction your brand should go in.

5.We finalize the selected concept

We complete the winning concept and anchor it to the logo or design manual. We will prepare a data pack with a logo in the formats you may need.

6. We issue an invoice

If the work is completed and you are satisfied, we will issue you an invoice. Once paid for, we can experience the next assignments and move your brand forward.

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