Marián Hossa book cover
book cover design - photographic work
Marián Hossa

book cover design - photographic work
When designing the cover of Marián's book, we wanted the design to reflect Marián himself.
Marián was always fully focused on his goals - we transferred the focus to the cover in his concentrated gaze. His easy smile reveals him to be a kind, unassuming and pleasant person. The black t-shirt fading into the monochromatic background - Marian has never tried to stand out with pomp and tabloid affairs, if we've heard of him, it's been in connection with his talent and who he is as a person. The distinctive typography in a slight tilt speaks of his constant movement - whether in sport or in life in general, he's always looking to move forward. The black and red colour scheme is a reference to the colours of the club in which he achieved his greatest successes.
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