Titles to survive 100 years

From time to time, we will refresh the communication style and visual elements of your brand. We don’t interfere with the logo but we can give it a light facelift if necessary. However, what we definitely don’t want to change is the name. Therefore we are extra careful when choosing it. We want to pick words that will live with you for decades.

Brand name from us must pass the 100-year name checklist:

Allowing you to grow

We invent names for tomorrow, not just for today. The business, services and products are evolving. We do not allow the title of your company to limit you in the future.

Beautifully pronounced

If a customer is not sure how to read or pronounce a brand name, the solution is simple: avoid it. We like it better when the title gets right under their skin.

Easy to remember

Our titles are easy and unique. We don’t use abbreviations or words our mind can’t associate with anything.

Having a spark

Easy to pronounce, easy to remember, but still, something’s missing? We know the feeling. Only titles that resonate will make it through our sieves.

What are some of the titles we designed?

migraine treatment centre
furniture centre
dental studio
flight school
yoga studio
second-hand private jet broker
premium car rental
mental development for high-stress positions
fast food restaurant - subbrand of the brand Stará mama
vegan and vegetarian food brand
ice cream brand from the Tatras
furniture company
brand of frozen fish
purchase and sale of vehicles

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