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Hossa family, s. r. o.

Food industry, logistics

Logo and visual identity, slogan, design manual, photographic work, launch campaign, PR campaign
Marian Hossa's company is mainly known for its brand of flour semi-finished products Grandma. However, most of the business consists of logistics services – Hossa family supplies operations of the horeca segment.

After the definitive expiration of his contract with the Chicago Blackhawks, Marian decided to devote himself fully to the family business. This big change was also reflected in the rebranding of the company from HO&PE family to Hossa family.

We stood by the whole process. From the consultation of the name change, through the design of the logo and visual identity, to the launch campaign, which communicated the change to employees, customers and the general public.

Put a smile on your face with good food – this is the goal that every day the new logo reminds hossa family employees and customers with smiles.
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