Every strategy is the answer to the question: "why"?

Specifically – why should we apply this creativity to this target group in order to meet these goals, or when building the brand identity itself. Why should we look and speak to our audience in this way? Will this help us become distinguishable and memorable?

The brand's strategy helps to define all the non-design elements of its identity - what is its message - what story our brand tries to reach customers, what is its purpose - why do our employees go to work every day, what is its promise - what do we want people to expect from us, what values it hides in itself, or help to define it, and finally, in what tone it performs in all text and audio outputs - are we noisy or quiet? Conservative or funny?

It is important to know who we are and, more importantly, to present ourselves consistently.

In addition, the strategy, of course, thinks about competition, data, affinity of the target group for the brand, or a combination of tactics and approaches.

This means that an effective creative strategy involves combining setting specific goals and designing innovative and creative marketing approaches to achieve them. And if it is really effective, then a good strategy can survive with your brand calmly for a decade with minor adjustments.

So let's plan it nicely, what do you say?

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